The sharing of plant medicine is an integral part of my work.  I offer a wide variety of teaching opportunities available through structured apprenticeships, mentorships, private lessons and through public teaching opportunities. I currently have three apprenticeship opportunities, all of which are currently filled.

Current class offerings include:

Herbs for Children:   A class designed for parents who are looking for herbal solutions in treating simple childhood issues.  In this class we will make herbal-based products for treating a variety of common childhood ailments including, abrasions, colds, earaches, diarrhea, irritability, teething to name a few. Parents will discover some common herbs they should have on hand and which are safe for use by children.  The class also will cover warning signs to be aware to seek further professional medical attention.  Tuesday nights-January 19th and 26th-5:30Registration:

Herbs and Formulas for Longevity:  

Many cultures throughout the world utilize herbs as tonics for healthy aging.  This class will cover many of these herbal traditions and explore the use of herbal tonics to strengthen immunity, endurance and longevity.  In this class we will learn about individual herbs and explore age-old formulas.   Hands on activities and demonstrations will be incorporated through out the class.  Students will take home many recipes and samples for easy to make herbal remedies.  Tues Afternoon-Febuary 2nd -2:00. Registration: